A 3 Day LIVE Event To Help Impact-Driven Coaches & Entrepreneurs
By Building Your Nutrition, Fitness, & Coaching Business
Walk away with an exact blueprint for everything you need to grow your business.
Whether you are already a successful coach or just starting out - Our Next Event will give you exactly what you need to start growing in the next 90 days!
$1,997  $497
November 5-7th 2020 in Scottsdale, Az
The IMPACT these speakers will deliver is unmatched.
The IMPACT these speakers will deliver is unmatched.
Michael Clifford
With over 10 years of experience under his belt, Michael knows how to help his clients get high-performance athletes results from elite fighters to weekend competitors.  He's also the co-founder of Coaching Mastery with Jason Phillips taking coaching in 90 days to places they couldn't have imagined. We couldn’t have asked for a better person holding the mic.
Jay Ferruggia
"Imagine you could finally build a body that projects strength, health and confidence. Like that of a middleweight fighter, All Pro wide receiver or Hollywood superhero. The kind of body that changes the way you view yourself and the way other people view you.

The kind of body that can literally change your life. But building muscle and getting strong can be damn near impossible for a lot of men. It’s hard to know what works and what’s bullshit.

I can relate. I grew up skinny, weak and painfully insecure. That’s why I dedicated my life to helping others overcome the same struggles I dealt with. I want to help you get stronger physically and mentally.

To not only overcome your skinny-guy or skinny-fat genetics, and get jacked. But to overcome the skinny-guy mindset that holds you back in every way. Nobody has trained more skinny guys than I have, and still do.

I’ve relentlesslly obsessed over this for 25 years, in my quest to be the best in the world at what I do.

I’m the coach to coaches and the trainer to trainers. The one they all come to for advice and new training techniques.

Unlike most of today’s “influencers” and gurus, my approach is based on thousands of hours of real world experience, working with countless clients."

Over the course of his life... "I’ve been physically and mentally weak, skinny, fat, skinny-fat, sad, depressed, insecure, painfully shy, socially awkward, crippled with anxiety and indecision, struggled with addiction, and have gone broke on more than one occasion.

Simplicity is the key to health, wealth and happiness.

Learning to apply the 80/20 rule to everything and forgetting the rest. Because the reality is that most things don’t matter. It’s just noise and meaningless nonsense that distracts us from living the lives we want."
Cody McBroom
Cody McBroom is the Founder of Tailored Coaching Method, an international coaching company that is built around the idea that every single individual is different and deserves a different plan. 

Their slogan, "Helping average people understand advanced strategies to achieve above average results.", explains their approach to coaching quite well. They bridge the gap between science and practical application. Cody leads a team of 11 individuals spread out across the world. 

He is also a passionate entrepreneur, podcaster, and content creator, as well as a happy husband and father.
Jeff Black
Born with the brittle bone disease known as Osteogenesis-Imperfecta, Jeff learned to defy the odds and to believe in himself to accomplish something "impossible." Osteogenesis Imperfecta (O.I.) is a rare genetic disorder characterized by bones that break easily, often from little or no apparent cause. 

By the time he was fourteen years old, Jeff had endured eighteen surgeries on his legs to allow him to walk. His journey into health and fitness began the moment a physical therapist handed him a weight to help make his upper body stronger to utilize his wheelchair and crutches better. From that moment, he was hooked on the empowerment working out gave him, and he knew his life would never be the same. He knew at a young age that if he gave his all, he could accomplish anything. Walking, without any aids, would be his first accomplishment.

Since then, Jeff has continued to defy the odds by competing in bodybuilding since 2006. Each year, he steadily improves his physique and conditioning, having placed in the top 5 in all his local and regional shows with his highest placing nationally in 2017 Junior Nationals, having earned 2nd in his weight class. In 2013, Jeff linked up with Jason Theobald, who has remained Jeff's coach and developed into mentoring Jeff. From the mentoring developed, Jeff's understanding that when a person has belief, passion, and grit, anything can be realized and accomplished. 

When those three collide, great things happen, and Jeff tries to create this for each of his clients. Passion for their goals. Belief in themselves. Grit to accomplish anything. Jeff prides himself on his top-notch customer communication and care. These two are critical to accomplishing and achieving the best you, no matter your goal.
Jordan Duggar & Erin Dimond
Erin and Jordan are fitness coaches, podcast hosts, and fitness business mentors who in the past year alone have scaled their coaching businesses from 300,000 to 1.3 million.
Surprise Guest Speaker
To be revealed soon 😎
Surprise Guest Speaker
To be revealed soon 😎
Success Stories From REAL Entrepreneurs...
He helped me grow my business from 0 to 500k in my first year!
"When I first met Jason, I didn’t even have my own business. I was working for another company and things weren’t going well. Not only did Jason help me navigate that situation in the most professional way possible, but he was right there to support me when I ventured out on my own.

One of Jason’s gifts is his ability to connect people to their passion and this was certainly true with me. I felt aligned with what I was doing and finally able to create lasting impact in a way that I had always imagined.
Not only that, he helped me grow my business from 0 to 500k in my first year! It’s pretty surreal to even write that but truthfully, I’m just grateful for the kind of care and attention we’re able to provide our clients.
The most exciting part is that we’ve only scratched the surface. Things haven’t always been smooth sailing and there have been plenty of bumps and setbacks along the way. However, with Jason in my corner, I’ve always felt calm and confident in learning from my mistakes and continually getting better each day. "

Mike Millner
Owner of
Peak Optimization Performance & Neurotype Training
The personal growth that has come from working with Jason is nothing short of amazing.
"After seeing Jason on YouTube I ended up on his email list (Thank God) and shortly thereafter I got an email from him with an invitation to text him with any questions. My husband and I were new business owners and our gym was barely breaking even plus we wanted to offer nutrition to our members but had no idea what to charge or how to structure our business. Or how to coach people. We were working our asses off, drowning and everything seemed to be going downhill.

The best thing I ever did was send that text asking for his help. We found ourselves in AZ the following week at the One Day MM event and signed up for business coaching with Jason. Things have grown at a rapid pace over the last 10 months, we have quit our “day jobs” and now coach at our gym and coach nutrition clients full time in a business that has structure and profit! We are constantly learning, progressing and growing as coaches and leaders. But the perks don’t stop at our business. The personal growth that has come from working with Jason is nothing short of amazing. We have experienced so many shifts in mindset, elevated confidence and have learned to value ourselves in and out of our business. I can whole-heartedly say our marriage is stronger as well as our connection with our kids. Working with Jason and being a part of the Impact Collective is something special that I can’t quite put into words but our business wouldn’t be open and our lives wouldn’t be where they are without this coaching program. It’s been absolutely life changing. Jason is real, he cares and he’s a damn boss at building business! "

Casey & Kinde Malott
Are You Tired of the guru tactics that NEVER work?
Are You Tired Of The Guru Tactics That NEVER Actually Work?
If you're like many of the coaches I've worked with...
  • You're in need of a consistent way to generate clients.
    The coaching game is like a roller coaster. The highs and lows are exhausting and make you question if you want to remain in this profession.
  • You're ready to have a system
    that generates clients so that you can have a predictable revenue that grows month after month.
  • You're got the drive and determination
    to create impact but nothing seems to work when you try to build your business.
In these three days you will find the solution you’ve been searching for!
In these three days you will find the solution you’ve been searching for!
  • A system that allows you to generate leads and new clients on demand.... no more spending all day in the DMs!
  • A unique opportunity that allows you to stand out in a crowded field. The “opportunity switch” method that Jason teaches you will have you dominating your niche like never before!!
  • A business (not a job) that constantly attracts action takers (not time wasters) and you’ll wake up every day LOOKING FORWARD to coaching your clients and you’re ready to tell the world about the results YOU are creating for them!
We will teach you the secrets the online gurus DON’T want you to know!
We will teach you the secrets the online gurus DON’T Want You To Know!
The online coaching industry is changing.... perhaps you’ve noticed?!

If you want success you must be prepared to go beyond being “just another coach.” Talking to everyone will leave you talking to no one; and relying on social media algorithms that change every day will leave you... well... frustrated, to say the least.

Now, more than ever, you and your business MUST stand out.

The Impact Collective event is designed to provide you with the tactics and resources necessary to not be just another online coach, but to become the business owning coach you have always wanted to be. From start up to scale, this event will leave you knowing EXACTLY what your next steps are and more importantly, HOW TO CRUSH THEM!

OUR GOAL: To make sure that your impact reaches the hundreds of thousands of people that need to feel it. YOU are a great coach and YOU are capable of creating real results. Now it’s time to grow your IMPACT and explode your INCOME!

Walk away from these 3 days with YOUR EXACT blue print to generate clients, system use your business and finally generate the freedom you’ve always desired.
Comments From Our Last LIVE EVENT 👇
"Top coaches from all around the world..."
" Surpassed all expectations (and expectations were high; knowing Jason as well as we do). That is the simplest way we can explain our experience. Jason and his team went "all-in." They lined up such a powerhouse lineup of speakers, engaging and productive format, and explosive energy. Erin and I not only had the honor of speaking, but we walked away a ton of value to apply in our coaching businesses. 

 The most important part though for me was the quality of the attendees. Top coaches from around the world who are not only masters in their craft but are also in this industry for the right reasons; to change lives. That's what makes this truly special. We'll most definitely be back! 

Erin Diamond & Jordan Dugger

"...When you're in the environment, you become the environment."
"The impact collective event was incredible. Jason and his team put together a weekend full of incredible humans. I have been to a lot of events & while I’ve always been able to take away my golden nuggets, this was different. We were put in a room with real, vulnerable people passionate about making impact. Most importantly there were actionable takeaways you can implement immediately. My advice is to get yourself in the room. 

If you want to make the impact and income you desire you need to immerse yourself in the environment. When you’re in the environment, you become the environment. This type of event will collapse time for you. Don’t mess around, wasting time trying to figure it out. Talk with people who have already done it & get where you want to go faster. Thank you Jason and the whole impact collective team for an incredible weekend. Can’t wait for next year!” 

Billy Ruehlmann
"I found confidence in the actions and my business started to grow."
"I was 5 months into my nutrition coaching business when I first started working with Jason Phillips. Not only was I new to the health and fitness space, I was also new to the entrepreneurial world. I was really good at double and triple guessing what I needed to do, which left me often than not doing nothing. I knew I help but honestly I wasn't sure what that looked like. From day 1, we hit the floor running. Jason always made sure I left conversations with clarity, direction and targets. 

I found confidence in the actions and my business started to grow. Fast forward 16 months, Jason has and continues to challege and help me to become a better human being. Using his gifts, he is helping me create and implement an incredibly unique vision and direction for my company. I am so thankful for Jason and his staff. The community and culture he is creating is a big part of why I love what I'm doing right now."

Sarah Pringle
"Get ready to make an Impact!"
"As a nutrition coach, with a goal to truly help people make change, I make it a point to be around the best people in the business. I have a Masters Degree in Sport Nutrition and value evidence based practices with real life application. With multiple certifications that focus on the science, Nutritional Coaching Institute’s certification was the first one that really painted a periodized, realistic, applicable approach to nutrition coaching. 

 After that certification process, I was excited to attend the Impact Collective X in Arizona to learn about how to build a business to better serve clients. Being surrounded by other professionals was the most exciting environment to be around! I made connections and friendships in those 4 days that I know will last a lifetime. Being a virtual coach, you are often left feeling alone in the process of trying to help people. That is the part of being a coach that most people aren’t aware of. I knew that I needed to be part of something bigger, to be surrounded with like-minded people, in order to make the most impact. I was able to leave this weekend with that. 

 To anyone looking to grow their business, you need to find the right people to support and guide you. If you aren’t sure where to start, I highly recommend getting around these people. Do not think that this will be a quick fix for you. You will be given tools, but you need to do the work, just like your clients. Being around great people doesn’t guarantee greatness, but if you know what you are capable of and are willing to put the work in, it’s just a matter of having the right resources to guide you to your goal. Get ready to make an Impact! 

Jim Hallinan 
"I am so thankful for Jason and his staff."
"I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the most amazing four days in Arizona. The Impact Collective event was straight fire and brought all of my passion to surface, like never before. Theres something about being in a room full of like minded people with the same or similar purpose, that feels like magic. The energy was insane. I never once doubted a single person or their intentions. 

 This was a room full of givers. And in a world full of scarcity mindset, that is RARE to say the least. But with the event being led by Jason, I can’t say that I was surprised. Everyone in his corner and everything he represents is DO MORE. Most of the speakers were people that I listen to on podcasts and already admire and respect. Having the privilege to meet them in person, ask questions and hold conversations with them was unreal. 

 They were all so kind, down to earth and the knowledge just poured out of them. The few that I didn’t know before- I now love too. Their messages were contagious and everyone had something unique to offer. I learned so much. Most importantly, the connection made over the weekend was invaluable. Jason and his team left no stone unturned and clearly put in WORK to make this event a game changer. They make us feel like family. Im so thankful and can not wait to do it again!!"

Melissa Coker
"People were telling the real story..."
"At the Impact Collective, everyone in the room is very genuine, and truly wants to help each other. It didn't feel like a contest of who makes the most money. It was focused around creating impact, being patient, being consistent, and helping others first - which is uncommon... but refreshing. None of the "get rich quick" vibes. People were telling the real story behind how they got to where they are today, and it wasn't overnight, or easy. The most successful people in the room have had some of the biggest failures, which is super important to share. 

 The lineup of speakers was phenomenal, the practical takeaways were great, and the breakout sessions & networking was awesome. We left with a lot more friendships and collaboration opportunities than what we arrived with, which is so valuable. As entrepreneurs, it's difficult to find friends that "speak your language." Going to the Impact Collective is invigorating because you get to talk about your passion with other people who are just as passionate as you... and get you. ....I heard the sponsors are super legit too."

Johnny and Bethany Gonzalez
Owner of Top Notch Nutrition
Join Us LIVE for
    November 5-7th, 2020
    Scottsdale, Az
    Westin Kierland Resort - Scottsdale
Thursday: Registration 4-6 PM

Friday: 9 to 5 PM

Saturday: 9 AM to 5 PM

*Saturday Evening - Red Carpet Event
The Impact Collective has helped over one hundred coaches and counting.
Here are just a few...
Tommy Clark
 Achieved his dream job working with pro athletes at the age of 19. Has built a six figure income, while in college, in under one year.
Brad Jensen
Took a business with no infrastructure and turned it into a seven figure earner with multiple streams of revenue.
Leigh Montgomery
Learned to overcome Hashimoto’s and turn it into a strength; building a six figure business with a staff of multiple coaches.
Christy Campbell
From zero clients to a six figure income with a complete online product suite and a staff of four, all while having a baby and moving across the country.
Cody McBroom
One of the most recognizable faces in the nutrition coaching space. He's a seven figure earner with a staff of multiple employees and the best content creator in the game!
Here's What You'll Accomplish at The Impact Collective...
Our 3 days together will provide you the knowledge you need
and MORE IMPORTANTLY the APPLICATION to begin implementing it IMMEDIATELY!
Thursday, November 5th: 9am-5pm
On this day, we will put you through a unique “training” exercise designed to help you overcome every obstacle in your life by going ALL IN. The theme of this day is you, what brought you here and HOW to go all in on yourself! You’ll walk out prepared to receive the gifts that Saturday and Sunday will bring!

What you'll walk away with: Clarity in vision and a mindset that is not only ready to learn but apply what it is in days to come.
DAY TWO: Do The Work.
Friday, November 6th: 9am-5pm
It’s time to create what you will need in your business moving forward. Our unique breakout sessions will allow you to execute on what you need immediately while being coached by the best minds in the industry.

What you'll walk away with: Content, copy and clarity in your customer journey all reviewed by Jason and his all star team of coaches.
DAY THREE: Connect and Accelerate
Saturday, November 7th: 9am- 5pm
It’s time to take what you learned along with the connections you built and accelerate your business to new levels. We’ve saved the best for last, and even though it’s the final day, there is no slowing down. Speed matters, and we’ll be sure you’re ready to walk away from this event ready to execute. FAST.

What you'll walk away with: An exact strategy and blue print for what you need to do to achieve maximal success in the next 90 days!!
DAY Zero: Registration
Special Event: Red Carpet Event
Saturday, November 7th : 6-9pm
Details of this special event will be announced soon :) 
The decision is now.
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Why I'm Qualified to Help You Grow Your Business, Increase Your Impact and Help You Create More Income...
I'm Jason Phillips, founder of ALLiN Lifestyle x Performance, the Nutritional Consulting Institute (NCI) and now the Impact Collective. I have been everywhere and done everything from cover model to professional athlete. I've founded these businesses and written for publications, such as Men’s Fitness, and several of my own books, including: Macros Explained, and Macros Applied.

My journey began with my battle with anorexia, when I learned as a young man that the power of nutritional coaching and proper application of food can save lives. I've used that experience to help thousands of people achieve their fitness goals.
My formal background comes from Florida State University where I majored in Exercise Science with a concentration in Fitness and Nutrition. I have consulted for reality weight loss shows, traveled with the PGA tour, and helped several functional fitness athletes improve performance. I’ve worked with everyone from pro athletes to weekend warriors. I was the first one to educate the CrossFit community on the importance of post workout supplements, and I’ve since gone on to work with UFC fighters, WWE wrestlers, and fitness celebrities.

These experiences have taught me that you don’t need a “nutrition philosophy”—all you need is a tool chest of smart nutrition coaching techniques and a system to determine what your clients need right now. I understand coaching & business, and I'm ready to help you increase your IMPACT.
By the End of The Event, You Will HAVE...
  • A business, not a job that is equipped to grow your business.
    No more guess work!
  • Content and connections. Your network will now include top tier influencers and you will even have created content with them!
Frequently Asked Questions...
  • What makes Impact Collective X different from other events?
Impact Collective  is different from other events. While most conferences are focused on the speakers and the value that they bring; Impact Collective is about YOU. Our unique content creation and value breakout sessions help to bridge the gap from concept to application IMMEDIATELY. Yes, you will go home with a to-do list, but you will also go home with a DONE list.
  • Will I be pitched at this event?
We are bringing some of the best speakers from all over to interact with you.  Without a doubt they have amazing products and programs available but there are no hard sells.  The most important goal of the weekend is actionable items that you can take away to build your DREAM with. 

In all transparency it is our mission to give you every resource you need to be successful and with that, understand you may also be given the opportunity to join our private group, The Impact Collective at some point over the weekend if you're a good fit.
  • Where should I stay?
The hotel hosting the event will be happy to provide you accommodations, however San Diego offers several options for any budget, all of which are a short walk or Uber ride away. If we can be of any assistance in booking feel free to reach out and contact us! admin@ncicertifications.com
You will WIN. Guaranteed.
This event has everything you need to become successful! If you show up ready to learn, listen and take action there is ZERO CHANCE that your business does not move forward.
This is the life changing breakthrough you have been looking for- I guarantee it!
The clock is ticking on this must attend event!
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
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